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In these changing times, it is not enough to just study overseas to provide a secure future. It may even be a waste of money and time, if the school or career is not chosen properly. Choosing is a once in a lifetime investment and unlike buying a new model of iPhone every year, if not chosen properly, it cannot be redone. 

How and what we do differently

We put the student's needs first.

Sasuga provides access to almost all schools available in the designated country.
We do not advertise specific schools, as we believe every student is different; has different skills, interests, different goals in life.
Hence, there are no such things like the best and the worst school. What is the best for one can be the worst for you or your friend. 

We prepare a range of our recommended schools depending on the needs of the student.
We consult with the student and parents many different options, comparing advantages, personal experiences, career availability and so on.

After students leave Vietnam, we support them with all help they may need
(legal, immigration, employment, housing, and all issues that are unavoidable in a new country).

We also actively work with parents to keep them updated on whats happening with the student overseas at each moment.

Our Managing Director is a former lawyer and accountant who has emigrated from Poland to Australia. He has been studying in Europe, Australia and Japan. He was once the exact same student facing the same problems that nobody else can understand, except for students themselves (not local agents, not parents, not representatives of universities coming to Vietnam to sell their schools).

After working with education agents for years, traveling extensively to Japan and other countries, he could see what the problems are for students; that no other agency is solving or trying to understand.
He decided to make sure every student will receive genuine, personal and the best help available.



Sasuga Vietnam Co., Ltd.,
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Proud graduates studying in Poland

Proud graduates studying in Poland

Our Managing Director, who studied at Sydney University

Our Managing Director, who studied at Sydney University




A unique country that is the most wanted place to visit and live among all students in the world. One of the safest countries with very high living standards. The highest demand and salary in Vietnam is for graduates and Japanese speaking students. Japan has highest need for foreign workers, with lower tuition and living costs than in English speaking countries.


One of the leading European countries with very high teaching standards. Poland has very good relationships with Vietnam and mutual degree recognition. Since it is part of the European Union, a Polish degree opens doors to all European countries with very reasonable studying and living costs, well below other countries.


Australia has the highest living standard among all English speaking countries. Almost all year round, the sun shines onto the most beautiful beaches in the world. Their degrees are recognised around the world with the highest teaching standards. Every school offers scholarships and they are most accessible, especially for Vietnamese students. 

Study in Japan

Study in Poland (Europe)

Study in Australia



Ranked as one of the top ten places to live in the world for over 20 years, Canada is an excellent place to live and study at.
It is a very forward thinking country, with values of equality high in the culture of it's people.


Study in Canada


The U.K.

The United Kingdom is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, in the continent of Europe.
London, which is the capital of England, is probably most famous and is a globally influential center of finance and culture.


Study in the United Kingdom


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Sasuga Vietnam is the only educational agency that provides personalized guidance from choosing a school, giving career options, legal and immigration support, through to finding a job after graduation.